Mold Removal

Mold is unattractive and smells bad, but worse than that mold can have serious health consequences, as well as causing discoloration and damage to your home. And because mold grows fast, you need to move faster.


ServiceMaster Restore is here to help you around the clock. We work with nationally recognized testing facilities and can provide mold inspection, lab analysis and written remediation plans. Our trained technicians are well versed in identifying and eliminating mold’s causes and sources, as well as preventing growth of existing mold.


At ServiceMaster PCS, it’s all about helping get your life back to normal and Restoring Peace of Mind®. We will work with your insurance company to keep the lines of communication open regarding proper procedures.


Although the exact means of eradicating mold will differ from case to case, the basic process remains the same.


When addressing mold contamination, we:

  1. Observe and assess.
  2. Report our observations to your insurance company
  3. Establish extent of contamination; isolate/contain contaminated area.
  4. Determine appropriate procedures (e.g., environmental testing, establishing mold types and baseline levels, preparing a written remediation plan).
  5. Remove mold, and protect against spore spread.
ServiceMaster trained technicians are well versed in identifying and eliminating mold and eliminating mold’s causes and sources.
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