ServiceMaster Clean daytime cleaning delivers the same excellent service and innovative cleaning processes that we’ve perfected over 50 years. Only now with the additional benefits that come from having your building cleaned during regular office hours:


Reduced energy costs

Switching to daytime cleaning gives you immediate and sustained energy savings. Those who opt for daytime cleaning save an average of $0.15 per square foot annually and reduce energy costs by an average of 4%–8%.


Lower operational costs

Our Capture and Removal Cleaning system is more efficient than traditional methods, increasing cleaning efficiency by up to 25%. That means less time spent in your building, which directly affects your bottom line.


Plus, these other benefits:

  • High level of service
    Daytime cleaning takes our top-notch service even further. If something needs attention or improvement, a day schedule allows for faster resolution and more effective communication.
  • Heightened security
    The fewer people in your building after hours, the better. With daytime cleaning you don’t have to worry about doors being left unlocked, alarms not getting set, or unauthorized people entering the facility.
  • Unrivaled consistency
    A day schedule has a lower turnover rate than other shifts. You’ll enjoy the consistency and quality that come from personnel with more experience, broader skill sets and familiarity with your facility’s needs.
  • Flexible scheduling
    We clean your building at your convenience, not the other way around. Our precise scheduling system ensures we don’t interrupt important meetings, events or anything else.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
    Tenants often perceive your building as being cleaner when they actually see the work being done and interact with the professionals providing the service.

Daytime Cleaning and Janitorial Services

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