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Janitorial Services

Designer Creative - Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Running a business consumes loads of time and dedication. Aside from all the inside work, the most important job is sustaining a clean and presentable workplace. At ServiceMaster Clean, we know the days don’t hold enough hours for you to meet deadlines and polish the office. Take advantage of our janitorial services.


We’re delighted and equipped to clean kitchens, offices, restrooms, windows, carpets, linoleum, tile, and hardwood flooring. We’ll leave those high-traffic areas looking like new so customers can feel good about doing business with you. Our custodial assistance is extended to but not limited to the following:


• Office

• Hotels

• Schools

• Retail Stores

• Research Facilities

• Healthcare Facilities

• Public Entertainment Venues 


Make the call to 1-800-635-5012 today and set up a personalized plan so we can start working around your schedule. We’ll meet all your cleaning needs, from dusting to sanitizing. And remember in the event of any disaster—be it flood, fire, or freak accident—ServiceMaster Clean is there for you and your business 24/7/365.


Pet Problems

Designer Creative - Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sure he's your best friend and you love him like a child but looking around and seeing Spot's dog hair all over your house can be aggravating. However there are a few things you can do to keep your house clean and your frustration to a minimum.


1. Change air filters frequently. This will keep the hair and dander from re-circulating throughout your house. Many stores have ones that are specially designed for pet hair.

2. Brush your pet regularly.

3. Use washable slipcovers and blankets on furniture when possible.

4. Wipe surfaces with rubber gloves and water. The gloves will attract the pet hair almost like magic.

5. Use dryer sheets on surfaces that you don't mind having a shiny residue. The sheet will act as a magnet in picking up the hair.


Still too much for you? We can help! Call ServiceMaster at 1 (800) 635-5012 and schedule your cleaning services now. Our trained professionals will have your carpet, upholstery and floors looking brand new.


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